27 December 2010

A Special 2011 Wish

*To You this New Year’s Eve 2011* A very special wish for the very best year to come:

May you enjoy a peaceful, passionate, prosperous, and purposeful year ahead!

1.) Here is a special presentation for you to view.
Such a beautiful expression of Soul. Hope it brings you a healing of heart, mind, and spirit.

Or cut and paste this link: http://www.omplace.com/rumi/

2.) Consider for a moment … What is your Vision for 2011? Ask yourself:

  • What do I REALLY want to experience in the coming year?
  • What will heal my body, inspire my mind, blossom in my heart, and spark my Spirit?
  • What no longer serves me—something that I need to embrace and, then, let go?
  • What positive changes can I make RIGHT NOW that will cost me nothing but will give me what I need?
  • What one act of kindness/or/compassion can I do that will benefit someone within my sphere that I have overlooked?
  • What one thing can I do throughout 2011 that will continue to fill my heart with JOY? ~ Joy is contagious!

Vision 2011 – Enjoy Your Best Year Yet!
Love, MJ of 12GoldenKeys.com